PATH Capacity Building Training France – Day 4


A new round of practical sessions combined to a visit to Budos Castle and its nearby vineyards were the highlights of day 4.

At the Budos Castle, Marie-Georges and Laura from Adichats explained the work done by the association on this heritage site. The activities run in this place have a special value, since this was the first project of the association and volunteers are still working on it during summer workcamps.

During this visit, participants, divided into 3 groups, were invited to design potential projects to be implemented in the site with a group of volunteers. The results were then presented in plenary. Here are same ideas brought up by the participants:

  • restoration project
  • securing and surveying the site
  • cleaning the site
  • tourism development
  • new partnerships

After this activity, the group had the chance to visit to Budos Castle vineyards and to enjoy a wine tasting with the owner of the place. It was a pleasant moment to appreciate the value of intangible heritage.


The same hands-on sessions held on Saturday were repeated on Sunday, in order to let the participants the chance to experience all three different activities through a rotation system.

The sunny weather, a good group dynamic and the guidance of the great experts ensured the perfect conditions to learn many things about archaeology, masonry and stone-cutting.


These pictures show the result of the group work (before and after the wall restoration of the masonry workshop)



Author: CCIVS

Raising Peace: From Grassroots actions To Global Campaigns Promoting Peace and Human Rights During the last General Assembly in December 2012, CCIVS members decided to closely work together on a campaign to reinforce the recognition and visibility of the contribution of International Voluntary Service to the promotion of a culture of peace and human rights. An analysis of the work carried out on the thematic area of action of Peace & Human Rights so far revealed that several awareness-raising initiatives and training materials on Education for Peace and Human Rights have been developed by CCIVS members, however they haven't been gathered nor made available to all members and other networks. A closer co-operation and a common communication campaign would increase the visibility of IVS organisations and their work on the global level. According to the Plan of Action one specific priority in terms of International Representation and Networking is to increase capacities in the area of advocacy, international representation and to strengthen existing networks. The project, aims to strengthen the role of international voluntary service organisations as key players in the field of Peace and Human Rights Education. Through this project, we will: • Raise awareness on Human Rights and Peace construction all over Europe, promoting peace as the result of the construction of a fair, inclusive, diverse, sustainable and participative society; • Increase the number of trainers with an expertise in Peace and Human Rights Education in our organisations for them to act as multipliers; • Increase the advocacy and international representation skills of the international voluntary service movement in the field of Human Rights.

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