PATH Capacity Building Training France – Day 6


This last morning was focused on communication about heritage. The main purpose of this session was to provide participants with inputs on how to promote their local projects on cultural heritage. Their digital production will contribute to the Global Communication Campaign which was explained in depth by Mauro during this morning session.

Furthermore, the trainers explained the importance of the impact measurement: volunteers joining the local actions will be involved in a research to measure the impact of voluntary actions in their life.

More example of communication strategies and effective promotion was provided at the end of the morning by Fabrice DUFFAUD. To conclude the session, participants split in three groups and reflected about three topics: local visibility, media production and online promotion.



This last afternoon was dedicated to the training evaluation in order to collect all the comments, reflections and feedback from the participants about the whole event.

A questionnaire was distributed to each participant, to allow them to express anonymously their opinions on every aspects of the training (objectives, methods, contents).

As a second evaluation method, the trainers proposed a visual tool to assess the appreciation of the following elements: accommodation, food, trainers/facilitation, practical workshops in the castle, visit to Budos castle, participants’ contribution, group dynamic, free time and activities. You can see the result of this evaluation in the next picture :

Finally, a last evaluation tool, based on the method of space distribution, give participants the chance to voice their feedback in an interactive way. They were invited to place themselves in a room according to their assessment of the following topics:

  • the work in Villandraut castle;
  • the theoretical activities;
  • the accommodation;
  • the last session about guidelines and local actions.

In order to celebrate the end of this successful training, the group organised a farewell event to share local food from the different countries, which was prepared by the participants under Marie’s supervision. As final and welcomed guest, Eric Suzanne, Prefect of Langon joined the group for a conclusive speech.



Author: CCIVS

Raising Peace: From Grassroots actions To Global Campaigns Promoting Peace and Human Rights During the last General Assembly in December 2012, CCIVS members decided to closely work together on a campaign to reinforce the recognition and visibility of the contribution of International Voluntary Service to the promotion of a culture of peace and human rights. An analysis of the work carried out on the thematic area of action of Peace & Human Rights so far revealed that several awareness-raising initiatives and training materials on Education for Peace and Human Rights have been developed by CCIVS members, however they haven't been gathered nor made available to all members and other networks. A closer co-operation and a common communication campaign would increase the visibility of IVS organisations and their work on the global level. According to the Plan of Action one specific priority in terms of International Representation and Networking is to increase capacities in the area of advocacy, international representation and to strengthen existing networks. The project, aims to strengthen the role of international voluntary service organisations as key players in the field of Peace and Human Rights Education. Through this project, we will: • Raise awareness on Human Rights and Peace construction all over Europe, promoting peace as the result of the construction of a fair, inclusive, diverse, sustainable and participative society; • Increase the number of trainers with an expertise in Peace and Human Rights Education in our organisations for them to act as multipliers; • Increase the advocacy and international representation skills of the international voluntary service movement in the field of Human Rights.

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