PATH Capacity Building Training Uganda – Day 5


The morning session focused on the themes of risk management and gender issue.

For the first activity, participants gathered in groups and prepared a role game where they were supposed to illustrate specific issues on the topic of relationships between volunteers, such as:

  • A man sharing his room with another one who is very feminine
  • A man trying to hug a woman who doesn’t want to
  • A female volunteer complaining about the fact that men don’t cook
  • A woman trying to enter an historical site with clothes that don’t respect the traditions

The activity provided the group with an entertaining and effective method to discuss gender issues and issues related to gender problematics.

The second activity was dedicated to risk management in general. Each participant was asked to present one situation difficult to handle before, during or after a workcamp. The different cases were:

  • Tolls are missing a few days before the workcamp starts
  • No transportation available to pick up participants a few days before their arrival
  • The site manager informs the workcamp leader that the site is not accessible anymore
  • The workcamp leader has health issues and cannot manage the workcamp
  • There are many cancellations and only national volunteers are planning to come




A game workshop was organised at the beginning of this afternoon. Its aim was to provide participants NFE tools to be used in workcamp and intercultural projects, how to adapt them to cultural heritage topics and to the special needs of participants.  The different types of games presented during this workshop were:

  • name games
  • getting to know each other games
  • energizers
  • “disenergizers”
  • team building
  • splitting group games
  • brain teasers

The last part of the afternoon was the moment to talk about media production, another important element of the PATH project and the GLobal Communication Campaign. Trainers presented the two different video structures that each member organisation of the project is expected to produce during their workcamp.

As a practical example of production of creative media on the topic of cultural heritage, the idea of a promotional video for the training was developed. Through a brainstorming, the group reflected about the content of the video and planned the different steps for the next days.




Author: CCIVS

Raising Peace: From Grassroots actions To Global Campaigns Promoting Peace and Human Rights During the last General Assembly in December 2012, CCIVS members decided to closely work together on a campaign to reinforce the recognition and visibility of the contribution of International Voluntary Service to the promotion of a culture of peace and human rights. An analysis of the work carried out on the thematic area of action of Peace & Human Rights so far revealed that several awareness-raising initiatives and training materials on Education for Peace and Human Rights have been developed by CCIVS members, however they haven't been gathered nor made available to all members and other networks. A closer co-operation and a common communication campaign would increase the visibility of IVS organisations and their work on the global level. According to the Plan of Action one specific priority in terms of International Representation and Networking is to increase capacities in the area of advocacy, international representation and to strengthen existing networks. The project, aims to strengthen the role of international voluntary service organisations as key players in the field of Peace and Human Rights Education. Through this project, we will: • Raise awareness on Human Rights and Peace construction all over Europe, promoting peace as the result of the construction of a fair, inclusive, diverse, sustainable and participative society; • Increase the number of trainers with an expertise in Peace and Human Rights Education in our organisations for them to act as multipliers; • Increase the advocacy and international representation skills of the international voluntary service movement in the field of Human Rights.

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